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I'm Christina, the creator of Le Posh Pomme - Handmade Gourmet Caramel Apples and Gifts. I was born and raised in Baton Rouge, the great state of Louisiana and home to our awesome LSU Fighting Tigers! Caramel Apples have always been a favorite treat of mine growing up and has been my hobby for over 20 years. This has always been something I enjoy making for family and friends, and bringing to school functions throughout each year. Through the years, it has been a wonderful blessing to watch my hobby blossom into a small business. 


I started my small business after a life changing diagnosis over 15 years ago. After many years at home recovering from surgeries, treatments, and being wheelchair bound for over 8 months, my career and passion of Interior Design came to an abrupt halt. The unwavering love and support from my family nutured me back to health and gave me the strength I needed to heal, succeed, and learn how to walk again. With my new appreciation for life and newfound strength, I was determined to overcome this illness and not let it define me. I've always been a hard worker and love working with people. Interior Design has taught me about making my gourmet gifts visually appealing to the eye and pleasing customers with a wonderful and delicious tasting product as well! My love of candy making has evolved over the years with many other delectable treats that followed with suggestions from family, friends, and loyal customers.


I make everything from scratch using the finest ingredients and everything is completely custom decorated and tailored to individual Holidays and Special Occasions! I love the excitement from my customers when I deliver the smallest packages to big beautiful displays of gourmet treats at each one of their events! To see people enjoy my handcrafted treats is truly amazing because I know the love, the sweat, tears and the passion that go into everything I make. 


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